Monday, September 5, 2011

Farewell Bacashun 2011

At the end of the 70th day I am so grateful for the many days of travel, get-togethers with friends and family, learning opportunities, and peace. Tomorrow I will be back at it...doing what I love...hopefully under less stressful conditions than I was under last school year! I do expect challenges, but hope for support as I meet them. I do expect stress, but hope for healthy ways (sewing and exercise..and red wine!) to beat it. I do expect frustration and maybe anger, but hope for grace to deal with my negative emotions. Looking back on this summer I see how blessed I am and my heart is full!

Back to the new school year...on a road to new discoveries, new friends, and new things to learn! Wish me luck!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Yay for friends!

Bee-yoo-tiful evening...great company....good service...lovely music...fabulous weather.. The scene? Tenochtitlan in Blue Island...yummy Mexican food and
dee-lish-us mango margaritas..3 of them!!

Girls night out!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

art day with Meara

Meara and I had a long awaited art day today.......

She took to the sewing room and I got the kitchen!!

Kerry chose fabric for a fun little bag...
that Meara whipped's just as cute on the inside complete with zipper pocket!

I meanwhile was painting and stitching a journal cover...

and then painting a long piece of muslin for a future quilt project.....

                 and then a new face painting...I think it's my back to work puss!

Finally, I saved all of the paper towels I wiped my brushes on and stitched them to black felt for another future project...they look cool!

                                     What a great day...what a mess, too!
Oh bacashun......

Sunday, August 21, 2011

nine days left.....

Well, this blog began back in June....when the summer stretched ahead of me full of promise and potential. Technically I have 9 days left...HOWEVER this week I have 3 days of training for Reading in Motion, which is a super literacy program for emergent readers! My second graders participated in the program several years ago and I am happy to be working with them again at the kinder level! We don't get paid in $$  BUT it will be wonderful training and can only make me a better teacher..YAY! There is singing involved so I'll love it! Next week I will go in for 3hrs on Mon and Tues am to arrange my classroom and organize the library..oh do I have a lot of books..can never really have too many! Then we are on the clock beginning Wed. the 31st! All prayers gratefully accepted!! More to bacashun is not over yet!


I have been busy making bags for my girls and postcards for the Chicago Modern Quilt Guild August meeting. The bags are my placemat bags..easy peasy and fun! The postcards are downright addictive! Both of these projects are great for using up scraps and strips from quilts!
Kerry's book bag

 This started out as Brenna's birthday bag...too big for my smallest belongs to my tallest child!!

                        These will now be mailed out to friends and family..what fun!
                            I think the guild members enjoyed making them,too!

and MORE celebrations!

Meara threw a birthday BBQ for Justin's 25th birthday! The weather was most uncooperative :(  BUT we had a lovely time between the drops! Great job Meara and Justin on entertaining friends and family..we had a delightful good to get the Rosiers and Ryans together!


more celebrations!

Mom turned 83 on August 8th so we headed to Cedarburg,WI for a girls' night at the Stagecoach Inn. What Mom didn't know was that her "5th child", Jan would be joining us! Jan grew up 2 doors down on Parnell Ave. in West Pullman and spent a lot of time with our family. We have known each other since 1957!!! She really is a sister and daughter to our family.... It's a good thing Mom has a good was a big surprise and it took her a while to recover!! What a great time we had wandering in and out of shops and of course...eating!! Delicious crepes at the restaurant in the Mill..yum!
3 generations!

3 sisters!

                                      The creek behind the Mill and Winery..

                                Be kind to your web footed friends...for a duck may be
                              somebody's mother! Remember that song??? Ray Rayner?

Cedarburg is a favorite destination...only 2 hrs from Chi-town...plenty to see and do...or just relax! Can't say enough about the Stagecoach Inn! AND they just opened the Wisconsin Quilt Museum!! I'll just have to get back there, soon!


Happy Birthday, Brenna!

The online class I took is finished...Yay! Now on to summer fun and celebrations! Brenna turned 31 on the 17th of! We headed to Tweet on N. Sheridan for a yummy brunch!

This joint is packed on the weekends so we were lucky that her birthday fell in the middle of the week! Thanks, Bren for sharing your special day and suggesting such a cool restaurant..loved it!

TWEET is sweet!

On to Navy Pier for a ferris wheel ride for Charlie!

The wheel is 150 ft. tall...really scary if you happen to have a fear of heights! I suggest NOT looking down.....straight out at the horizon is fine...not DOWN!!!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

buckling down :(

Well, into each summer a little work must come....I have one more week to wrap up the assigned work for an online class I'm taking on Autism Spectrum disorder. The class consists of reading chapters in a text, watching videos, and responding to discussion forums with other educators. There are 4 modules and today I will begin #3. I have learned a lot and can see how I will apply this new knowledge in my teaching practice with students, colleagues, and parents. The type of writing that this course requires is good for my brain....requires a higher order sort of thinking that's prepping me for the new school year..Speaking of which, I am trying to mentally prepare myself emotionally for returning to a sea of change and a little uncertainty....can I hold onto this job with the reformists bearing down?

Monday, August 1, 2011

A nice place to visit....and I DO want to live there!

I did it! I got Chas to small feat! We are trying to figure out a compromise. Finances and life will play a big role..this is after all 5 years away...unless a load of cash falls from heaven..ummmm...not likely..
We returned from our Wisconsin mini vacation via convenient! Seriously, how can anyone resist this lovely spot...words I would use to describe it....
scenic, progressive, vital (Yoga Studio and Sushi restaurant!), artsy, friendly, interesting (more than one museum!), fabulous!
                                    Winneshiek County Seat right here in Decorah!

   The old half of the library..I did not photograph the larger more modern half..

                    Yummy house..not what I'll be looking for, but lovely to look at!

Typical garden in town...

                                                Fun building, no?

                        The lovely and reasonably priced Hotel really is!

                                        The main drag: Water Street
                                    Beautiful potted plants on Water Street
 So Chas set foot in Decorah and did not implode.....I think (maybe) he understands what I see in it, and for now that's enough...:)

Friday, July 29, 2011

midwest riviera

We have just returned from a relaxing tour of the midwest riviera....Eau Claire, Wi/ Chippewa Falls Wi, and then on through southern Minnesota to that great destination spot...Decorah, IA!! Oh be still my heart...Decorah, land of my dreams, land of promise, land of opportunity...just like the immigrant looking to the USA for the fulfillment of the good and prosperous life, I look to Decorah for the fulfillment of my soul's yearning for a peaceful, quiet, safe and friendly, lifestyle in my (ahem) later years....The scenery was unparalleled as was the company and hospitality of our friends, Peggy and Dave, proud owners of a paradise high above the lovely city of Eau Claire, WI. They work their forested acres like modern day settlers....clearing, digging, pruning, planting, weeding, name it..they do it! Unfortunately my little digital camera could not capture the awesome beauty that awaits them each day and night. Peggy and I stayed up Saturday night to witness a thunderstorm up close. The front of their home has 2 double paned glass rooms, one with hot tub!!! (I'll be back in the Fall for that!) the ceilings are glass as well! What a magical hour that was!!
This is the view from the front of Peg and Dave's house the "valley of the tree tops"! I can only imagine what it must look like in the Fall! The side view is farmland, rolling green hills that rival Ireland's!

                               These are scenes from a tour of the forest!

The birdwatching is fabulous...we were treated to a constant parade of finches, cardinals, woodpeckers, blue jays, hummingbirds, wrens and in the distance eagles and hawks!
                                              A red breasted grosbeak
This paradise includes bears, gnats, and snakes....not my cup of I'll set my sights on small town stop Decorah, IA!!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Heck with the pearly gates.....

Pearly gates and streets paved with gold....nah! Heaven will be a never ending Farmer's Market...fresh, sweet, colorful...a happy place....and it WILL smell like cilantro..and basil....:)

                                                           For Meara

                                                         For 8050!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

a walk on the wild side?


Yep, my little slice of heaven is wedged between busy Kedzie Ave. and St. Mary's cemetery. Mixed with traffic fumes, the aroma of Harold's Chicken gently wafts across the track where I try hard to burn up those pesky extra calories my body doesn't really need.... Today was an ideal hiking day...deep blue skies with wispy clouds skimming along...and low low low humidity. This is what we refer to in our family as a "Wisconsin day". In other words..perfect.
Perfect for any summer outdoor activity... fishing, picnic-ing, lying on a beach listening to the waves lap the shore....I went to all of those places during the course of my walk 4x around the .8 mi track my head...
Walking a track is BORING! I will not wear an i-pod... want to be hyper-aware at all times of my me a's have to be aware of folks around you. Truthfully, that's why I'm not over pounding the pavement in oh so beautiful St. Mary's where it's shady...oh-so virtually's lovely. It's also isolated...big NO NO! I wouldn't do that even in a small town. Ladies..we gotsta be careful...
So what's the wild side to all of this?....I'm at a boring track....
check out the scenery, friends...heaven on earth in all it's glory is here, there, and everywhere!

                                                 Here's a wild bunch!
and another...
                                    Quick! What's my favorite color??

         Some beetles were napping in the late morning warmth..ssshhhhhh!

                  A bitty basking turtle...I think that's mom watching just to the right...
                                     Reminds me of linen and lace....

                                             feel like I'm in the forest....
                                                         I'll be back....