Monday, August 1, 2011

A nice place to visit....and I DO want to live there!

I did it! I got Chas to small feat! We are trying to figure out a compromise. Finances and life will play a big role..this is after all 5 years away...unless a load of cash falls from heaven..ummmm...not likely..
We returned from our Wisconsin mini vacation via convenient! Seriously, how can anyone resist this lovely spot...words I would use to describe it....
scenic, progressive, vital (Yoga Studio and Sushi restaurant!), artsy, friendly, interesting (more than one museum!), fabulous!
                                    Winneshiek County Seat right here in Decorah!

   The old half of the library..I did not photograph the larger more modern half..

                    Yummy house..not what I'll be looking for, but lovely to look at!

Typical garden in town...

                                                Fun building, no?

                        The lovely and reasonably priced Hotel really is!

                                        The main drag: Water Street
                                    Beautiful potted plants on Water Street
 So Chas set foot in Decorah and did not implode.....I think (maybe) he understands what I see in it, and for now that's enough...:)

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