Sunday, August 21, 2011

more celebrations!

Mom turned 83 on August 8th so we headed to Cedarburg,WI for a girls' night at the Stagecoach Inn. What Mom didn't know was that her "5th child", Jan would be joining us! Jan grew up 2 doors down on Parnell Ave. in West Pullman and spent a lot of time with our family. We have known each other since 1957!!! She really is a sister and daughter to our family.... It's a good thing Mom has a good was a big surprise and it took her a while to recover!! What a great time we had wandering in and out of shops and of course...eating!! Delicious crepes at the restaurant in the Mill..yum!
3 generations!

3 sisters!

                                      The creek behind the Mill and Winery..

                                Be kind to your web footed friends...for a duck may be
                              somebody's mother! Remember that song??? Ray Rayner?

Cedarburg is a favorite destination...only 2 hrs from Chi-town...plenty to see and do...or just relax! Can't say enough about the Stagecoach Inn! AND they just opened the Wisconsin Quilt Museum!! I'll just have to get back there, soon!


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