Saturday, July 9, 2011

country break

If you haven't been paying attention OR  you just don't know me, I am obsessed with the country....not the nation....I'm talking about wide open spaces, the long and winding road......take me home country road...cowboy take me get my drift. Basically my mantra is "get me the he*l out of this city!" I long for sweet smelling air, birds chirping, the sounds of breezes and wind....and that's all. No trucks, trains (a lonesome train whistle in the distance is fine), cars with booming bass speakers and honking horns, jets taking off and landing......Picture a simple farmhouse with long tall windows,  a porch for "settin a spell", mature shade trees and wild flowers blooming.

A few days ago my friend Karen and I headed west to Galena. Highway 20 in NW Illlinois is a pretty drive, especially the closer you get to the Mississippi.
It all started with a chance trip several years ago to Cave of the Blue Mound in SW Wisconsin. I saw those verdant rolling hills and my heart was captured...
Later, I learned of Decorah IA (see earlier post) I'm on a mission to find my country retirement spot...and yes, I will have to convince Chaz, his heart is right here on the rugby pitch at UIC.....yikes!
But as usual I digress.....
Back to Galena......
The main street of Galena is long and narrow with wonderful shops, coffee houses, and restaurants.

The European Chocolat shop is a MUST!! I chose a dark chocolate morsel   with  jalapeno!! Fabuloso!
A big shout out to Embe's.....this was a most incredibly delicious spinach salad..the dressing included vanilla bean...YUM! If you get the chance, go say hello and dine with owners Charlie and his mom Mary Beth, a wonderful chef!
Our dinner at Fried Green Tomatoes was superb, as well...excellent food, wines, and service!

               Olive flowers! Not really..but don't they look like olives???

The Phat 1/4 Shop was a hit in my book! Have I ever met a fabric store I didn't
like??? NO! These are 1/2 yds. I'm adding to my stash at 8050......mmmmmm.
Happy Birthday to me!!!!

If you're not up for walking and climbing the steps, check out the trolleys..

This is the Belle Aire Mansion, just west of town on Hwy 20. Owner, Lorraine, was a  very friendly and hospitable Innkeeper......fresh delicious chocolate chip cookies in every room!
Of course I couldn't help imagining a N. Illinois quilt shop hop with an overnight stay here.....and a visit to Galena the next day.....great idea!! I got a million of 'em!

             Oh, what a delightful part of bacashun 2011....more to come!