Thursday, June 23, 2011

summer intentions

It's all about balance for me...I need work and I need play in order to be a happy camper... preferably in equal amounts.
The great thing about an extended vacation is that I can make it happen....barring unforseen events (won't even think about that!)
This summer I plan to:
 see movies, read novels, finish quilts, play in my art journal, exercise a minimum of 5 x per week, keep a daily food journal, lose 8 lbs., drink wine, drink beer, go to the farmers market so I can eat lots of fresh veggies mmmmmm! play my guitar again, sing more, work in the yard more- need some ornamental grass (the other would be ok too if ya' get my drift---who said that????) paint the wall going up the stairs to the second floor, strip, stain, and varnish the kitchen table, look for new flooring for the kitchen, clean the basement, LAUGH a lot everyday!, spend time with friends, play cards, RELAX and DE-STRESS!
I get a little rowdy when I get happy, so apologies in advance for any cussin' that may occur..I'll try to keep it to a minimum...

Kerry and I had a BIG juicy salad for dinner with tuna and black beans-YUMMY!

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