Thursday, June 23, 2011

Bacashun Eve

It was Fat Tuesday for the Lenten season is not approaching....Tuesday, June 21st, the first official  day of summer, also happened to be the last day of school year 2010-11, which will always be remembered as one of my worst....happens about one every seven years, I've found. ANYWAY , I ate too much - homemade chocolate chip cookies and pretzels....(note to family members: All party treats must be removed from 8050 at conclusion of any and all celebrations) and stayed up too LATE (3:30 am). Thankfully there was no red wine in the house...... I worked in my art journal...a couple of new faces...tried! added to an unfinished page.....I have a new question to ponder...does my art journaling parallel my approach to life???? I will be examining and analyzing that......

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