Thursday, June 30, 2011

Farmers' Market Saves the Day!

I was SOOO hoping for good news at my semi-annual DR. appt. this morning......oh well, there's always December! My cholesterol AND thyroid numbers went up....BOO HISS! Seriously, I exercise regularly, watch ny weight, I rarely eat red meat..(it''s fish and poultry for me).. AND I eat lots of salads and fruit....not much ice cream, butter, milk....I use Almond milk and have an occasional Chobani Greek yogurt....what gives body?????? The doc says it's happens.....meh!
It was such a beautiful morning I walked the two miles to my appt., then up to the Post Office, then back to the grocery to cash a check, where I met Kerry to go to the Farmers' Market.....the story is all uphill from here, friends...oh the sights and smells at the market..... delicious, fresh, a feast for the eyes!!!!
Is this NOT a lovely bowl of healthy goodness?? Check out those radishes! For lunch today I am having a radish sandwich....look how BIG they are..... thinly sliced rye with a layer of crunchy cuke slices and a layer of radish slices...YUM! Breakfast was divine as well....just look........

Oh life is GOOD!! I am blessed!
I'll get you ol' cholesterol....I'm gunnin' for ya' your back!

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